In search of loveliness

Lovely badges by Mel Sheppard
Undercurrent Weekend provided family fun in the increasingly quaint town of Shoreham-by-Sea. Central to the event was Rachel Henson’s Flickers Under the Bridge, a series of beautifully photographed commemorative flicker books and journey across the soon-to-be-demolished cranky footbridge.  
     The highlight of the festival was The Loveliness Principle, a treasure hunt which began with a phone call, took us round the town, across the bridge, along the narrow footpath on a tour of Shoreham’s houseboats and ended with a gift of delicious home-made shortbread from Rabbit, which we ate in Beach Green’s exciting adventure playground. 
     Wonderful bike ride there along Lancing's seafront cycle path, and a typically annoying train ride back with a disgruntled guard trying to prevent us getting on board with our bikes. It wouldn’t have happened if Rabbit had been driving the train.

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