The Ukulele Party

This week I invented a spoof political party. I've been left feeling perplexed and disappointed by the poor campaigning efforts of candidates in my area in the run up to our UK local elections. I live in a traditionally safe Conservative ward and it seems that the general air of apathy and complacency the (non) voting public are so often accused of by politicians has gripped our local opposition parties too.
    I was baffled by the lack-lustre campaign of the second most popular party in my ward, the Liberal Democrats, whose bland slogans and empty promises were combined with bad typography and pitiful media presentation (by a candidate who doesn't even live in the area) and I'm infuriated by the absence of any attempt to mount a campaign at all by Labour and the Green party.
    So, on impulse, believing I could do a better presentational and rallying call than any of them (and with just 48 hours to go until voting day) I decided to express my feelings by inventing The Ukulele Party. I spent an evening designing the website and set up a Twitter account.
    I did this in a mischievous spirit because it amused me and because I thought it would make my ukulele loving friends laugh. What happened next was a surprise as the blog attracted a steady stream of visitors throughout the day and at the time of writing the site has had hundreds of visits from all around the world. People tracked me down via Twitter and have sent messages of encouragement, support and even offers to join their political parties. It's made me realise that there is a demand for a real alternative party in Worthing and convinced me to get properly involved in a real campaign next time round.
    You probably won't see a candidate for The Ukulele Party on the roll for the next general election, but then again, stranger things have happened in politics.
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