Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Kawaii felt kittens for Christmas

Kawaii kittens

I've wrapped and placed the final home-made Christmas gift for my daughter under the tree. It's this trio of cute felt kittens made from a sewing pattern purchased at the eleventh hour from Dolly and Paws at Etsy.

Felt cute kittens

The pattern (a scanned PDF file) was instantly emailed upon purchase and looks like it comes from a Japanese craft book. Instructions are in Japanese but the pattern pieces are labelled in English with easy-to-follow picture diagrams.

Kitten sewing pattern

I stitched these cats together while watching the final fantastic episode of BBC TV series Ripper Street and two episodes of ITV drama Lucan (which wasn't as enjoyable as sewing-along to Ripper Street, but I persevered to the end). 

 Kittens in a tin

The finished kittens measure approximately 9cms high and are off the scale on the cute-o-meter.

Kawaii felt cats

Tin of kittens


The Booth said...

Simply gorgeous! I'm sure they'll be given glorious names upon unpacking....

seamsoddlouise said...

I'm sure she'll love them! Merry Christmas. x

Ivy Arch said...

They were a big hit! x

Outa-Spaceman said...


Ivy Arch said...

Television? Gadzooks, no. It's a new-fangled medium called Iplayer - all the rage round here, you can get today's news tomorrow!

Outa-Spaceman said...

I thought you'd gone soft. ;-)

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