Monday, 13 January 2014

Green Cocoon Coat: Easy, Cute, Straight Stitch Sewing

Square coat with Tyrolean trim: Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing

It was love at first sight. The Square Coat is the fourth design I've sewn from Japanese minimalist sewing book Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing

The garment is made up of three big rectangles of fabric for the body, two small rectangles for the sleeves and two tiny square pockets, much like this dress but with a front opening. The book shows the Square Coat made up in a fine woven wool fabric with raw frayed edge front, neck and arm seams (no facings). There is no front fastening, the coat is shown secured with a simple pin.

Yoshiko Tsukiori's Easy, Cute, Straight Stitch Sewing book

I used a stiff double sided green/blue felted fleecy synthetic fabric bought for a song from Fabricland, Brighton and added some embroidered floral braid for Tyrolean folk effect.

Centre front finish with folk braid trim

I turned over a narrow hem to finish the centre front, neckline and sleeves as it looked too accidental (i.e. awful) in this fabric when left as a raw edge, then added bright blue metal poppers for an easy and secure front fastening – essential when living on the windy south coast of England!

Easy Cute Straight Straight Stitch Sewing: Square Coat in green felt

My favourite thing about the coat is the contrast between the vast boxy shape of it and these tiny square front pockets. I used a fancy zigzag machine stitch to edge the pockets.

Square coat, square pockets

I love the finished coat and can see this design working in many different weight fabrics. It's another simple Japanese pattern that I think I'll make again and again.

Yoshiko Tsukiori's square coat


  1. I think the beautiful ribbon an pockets make this coat something special. Just what you need to throw on. Is it warm?

  2. Thanks Louise! Yes it's thick and warm but needs hat, gloves and scarf in this weather - also the chic three quarter length sleeves mean I need a jumper underneath at the moment, so perhaps not perfectly practical for our midwinter, but still lovely and will come into its own in a few weeks...

  3. You really need to accessorise your creation with a toy poodle!


    I mean a real poodle, but a toy sized one.


  4. Or a dachshund - think it would go really well with the green/folk braid combo.

  5. Brilliant!
    You could make it a matching jacket and, should the need arise, use the jacketed mutt as a draught-excluder!


  6. I love everything your creation!!
    this is very very beautiful!

  7. Thanks so much for your kind comments La Lio!


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