Currently listening to... Ukulele Kuricorder

Kuricorder Quartet are a super-group of multi-instrumentalists who straddle everything from folk to post-modern disco. With roots in the Tokyo underground scene, they’re a Japanese ‘can do anything’ band whose collaborations with sanshin player Yasukatsu Oshima brought them to my attention.

They were in London recently and forwarded me their ukulele covers CD which includes versions of songs as diverse as Power To The People, Einer Kleine Nachtmusik and Bohemian Rhapsody, all played mostly on ukulele and recorders.

Ukulele Kuricorder is brilliantly produced and expertly played but also a bit bonkers – like The Clangers landing on planet ukulele.  On first listening the recorders and swanny-whistle sounds dominate, but on repeated listens the exquisite ukulele arrangements shine through. To give you an idea of their sound, here’s my favourite track from the album. It's Kuricorder’s cover of Deep Purple’s 'Highway Star' on concert and tenor uke, pianica, mellophone, bodhran, tuba and ankle beads. Enjoy!

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