A new bag for my Flea

For my birthday I bought myself a large piece of Sanderson’s beautiful Hayward fabric in turquoise. The print is inspired by the textures and patterns used to decorate 1950s Poole pottery and it's from Sanderson’s collection of reprinted iconic 50s designs (which includes Lucienne Day’s Perpetua, Marian Mahler’s Mobiles and Jacqueline Groag’s Festival prints). I wanted to make something special from the fabric, but also a thing I could use every day so I decided to attempt to make a new gig bag for my Flea ukulele.

I found an easy-to-follow guide on the Instructibles website (thank you tewharau), so took that as my starting point but added a side panel to give the bag more structure and shape (as is standard on all those dreary black uke carry cases). I put a shorter zip along the bottom of the bag as I thought it looked neat and channel quilted the bag to give it a luxe feel. I sewed a strap adjuster with D-ring onto the strap so that I can sling it across my back when I’m cycling, or shorten it into a handle to carry in my hand. 

Making a sewing pattern by drawing round my Flea

Preparing to cut out the pattern pieces

My favourite part is quilting wadding onto the fabric

I quilted curved lines to echo the shapes of the vases and also the Flea's curves

Adjustable strap

Zipped up bottom panel
The lining fabric I used is BRITTEN DÖRR by Emma Jones for IKEA
I’m very happy with the end result and already have orders to make two more bags for friends. My daughter is also begging me to make one for her battered yellow Mahalo…

My Flea uke gig bags are now available for sale!  Visit  ukebag.com