Ukuleles, hens and caravans

Had a wonderful weekend at Hollesley 2011 uke festival, a celebration of the Ukulele Cosmos. Highlights included Yan Yalego's cool blues on Tahitian uke; The Toots stunning interpretation of Yan Tiersen's theme from Amelie; and a storming set from The Re-entrants on Saturday night which left no-one in the house with a Poker Face. I loved S.O.U.P. for sheer jollity, fez wearing head count and London Girls; Alan Townsend's twinkly-eyed exuberant performances (he will forever be known as Doctor Jazz in these parts); meeting so many lovely people and laughing and grinning so much during the weekend that my face still hurts.

We stayed at the delightful St. Margarets Campsite, a short distance away from the festival base and shared our field with two vintage caravans, frolicking rabbits and some very companionable hens. We camped, ate and strummed our ukes in the fresh Suffolk air. 

The Toots
Yan Yalego
The Re-entrants
Peter Prim's Little Knitted Ukulele Badges
Pink caravan at St. Margaret's Campsite
Polka-dot caravan cat
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