Guerilla knitting on the streets of Worthing

I went out on my bike to photograph the early setting sun and stumbled upon a monumental piece of knitted graffiti on the seafront corner of The Steyne. The Steyne’s old red phone box is now wearing a huge woolly patchwork cosy, complete with a large pom pom on the top. Inside it’s filled with intricate crocheted flowers and leaves, handmade insects, cute rodents and even a knitted bird.
     This multicoloured knitted telephone booth celebrates the radical eccentric guerilla knitting of Magda Sayeg and the phone box cosies of London's Knit The City movement - it's a splendid sight and well worth taking a seafront detour for.
     Worthing's piece of kooky craft is signed Blueprint 22 and The Wool Bar. A bit of Googling tells me it could be the start of a big outdoor knitting exhibition in Worthing. I look forward to seeing more knitted graffiti on our streets!