Imagine a new use for Worthing Pier's Southern Pavilion


A Christmas late afternoon seafront walk took me to Worthing Pier as the sun began to set. Right at the end of our Grade II listed art-deco pier is the Southern Pavilion - a beautiful oval shaped building currently standing empty and unused after the most recent tenants Angelik (sic) nightclub were refused a renewed premises licence by the council - presumably on grammatical grounds.
    A chat with Worthing's unstoppable Dan Thompson (the man behind #riotcleanup) alerted me to the nightclub's closure and we discussed how wonderful it would be if Worthing Borough Council were to grant a licence for use of this space to a community organisation at a peppercorn rent. It breaks my heart that one of Worthing's finest buildings (with the best panoramic sea views) is closed to most of our residents, and not being a frequenter of night clubs myself, I for one have never set foot inside.
   Apparently the interior has a vast 800 people capacity dance floor. Imagine Saturday afternoon tea dances! With its unspoilt views out to sea and daylight streaming in through those curved windows it would make a make a great art gallery space, and a tea room and shop would help pay the rent. In the evening it could be the perfect place for all kinds of community groups to meet and hold events (music, independent film screenings, arts clubs, circus and of course I'm thinking ukuleles) and would totally transform the way the Pier is used.

View from Worthing Pier at sunset, Christmas Day 2011