We moved to a Better Room - Euros Childs in Brighton

Last night I travelled to Brighton in the bitter cold to see Euros Childs in concert at the Unitarian Church - part of his solo piano UK tour. It was a thrilling event. Euros performed pieces from his new album Ends - songs that are melancholy, deeply romantic and sometimes very funny all at the same time.

During a splendid set he began to give us a rousing version of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's canine anthem Poodle Rockin'. The sheer boogie woogie joy of this tune brought more excitement to the old church piano than it had seen in years and its strings dramatically snapped half way through with one piece flying into the air and landing in the lap of a surprised woman in the front row. We, the audience, were actually all thrilled until it looked like Euros would be unable to continue without a working piano.

A short chaos-limitation break intervened when it was remembered that there was an upright piano in a room at the back of the venue. The entire audience squeezed into the smaller back room with its bright ceiling lights, completely transforming the event from one of respectful but appreciative distance (for the audience) to a much more familial, cosy and cheerful sing-along affair.

By day this room is used as a Montessori nursery for pre-school children and is a place already filled with nostalgia and warm emotion for me, as it's the first nursery my daughter went to. Euros sang and played the upright piano without amplification against a backdrop of kids' drawings (including a jolly snowman themed Christmas mural) and we sat knee-to-knee on plastic children's chairs, everyone somehow not able to believe their luck at such a happy and intimate turn in events. It was my favourite live music show of the past twelve months and a fine way to end the musical year.

For those who don't already own the entire Euros Childs back catalogue, you can start by visiting www.euroschilds.com

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