Kala in my Pocket - the new Ivy Arch pocket ukulele gig bag

Sopranino and Pocket ukes were all the rage at Hollesley Uke Fest last year and as far as I know the only gig bags available for them come in the standard drab, wipe-down black nylon that ukulele case manufacturers seemingly can't get enough of.
     I think it's sad to see such beautiful small instruments encased in synthetic polyamides so I was naturally delighted when my friend (and Bognor's finest stand up comedian) Simon Dooley lent me his Kala Pocket uke so that I could have a go at making a more appropriate carry case for this lovely little ukulele.
      This instrument seemed to deserve an exquisite piece of 1960s screen printed cotton so I chose 'Candida' by Peter Hall - an iconic design which forms part of the V&A textile collection. 
I'm so pleased with the result!

Making a gig bag for a pocket ukulele
Soprano meets pocket uke
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