Butterflies and Beetles

This afternoon I'm going to my daughter's school to play ukulele and sing songs at the Ugly Bug Ball for the grand finale of their term-long topic studying insects. Naturally I'll be taking my Flea.
     The project gave us the chance to rediscover a family heirloom - a 1964 edition of A Book Of Beetles by Dr. Josef R. Winkler (published by Spring Books). We spent several afternoons poring over the descriptions in the book together and looking at Vladimir Bohac's beautiful illustrations, then used a tape measure to work out how big the beetles actually are in real life.
The children have been asked to dress up as an insect of their choice for this afternoon's event, so I was pestered to make a Monarch butterfly costume for her to wear. The materials used (satin, netting, elastic) cost a grand total of £2.57 and were bought from Brighton's amazing Fabric Land emporium. The wings are customised from a pink fairy costume she'd grown out of.
     I'm looking forward to introducing Year 2 to the delights of Ivor Cutler's I Believe in Bugs on ukulele later...
Illustrations from A Book Of Beetles