Postcard from the Isle of Mull

Magical horse on Aros Park Walk
The summer holidays began with a family trip to Mull, an island in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. This lush, verdant place exudes a magnetic attraction and it was a return visit for me. We stayed in Tobermory, a picturesque, quaint town famous for its harbour view of brightly coloured buildings (and known as the location for BBC's popular children's television series Balamory). As our pace of life slowed down we passed the time going for coastal walks, taking boat trips to see wildfowl and seal pups, and joined the friendly welcoming locals at Tobermory's excellent arts centre An Tobar for their joyous family ceilidh.
Tobermory Lighthouse Walk
Bloody Bay
Tobermory town harbour
Sunset at Tobermory