Autumnal Equinox in Worthing

red tree in Homefield Park, Worthing

Autumn closes in. This glorious tree in Homefield Park boasts leaves of rich ruby red while the other trees around it are still green with just a few rust tinged leaves between them. It's a trailblazing tree, too impatient to wait for today's autumnal equinox!  Last week my daughter found her first conker in the Quashetts - the ancient twitten we walk through en route to school. Friday's journey home saw us colliding with cobwebs and we spotted three huge stripy yellow spiders invisibly suspended in mid-air.
   Another autumnal phenomenon in these parts seems to be the discarding of musical instruments in the street. I longed to take this upright piano home (but how to carry and where to put it?) and puzzled over the Westminster radiogram abandoned at the side of the road. Meanwhile the yellow rose bush in my garden continues to bloom, oblivious to the change in the air.

spider and conker
piano and red leaf
roses and radiogram