We Picked-Our-Own at Roundstone Farm

Roundstone Farm signage
The start of September marks our annual trip to Roundstone Farm. This year my lovely friend Mock Duck and her charming family joined us on our rural adventure.
   England's early summer floods and continuing rain have meant that the only successful fruit/vegetable crop in my garden has been my daughter's tomatoes - grown from seeds found in her box of Innocent smoothies - so it was a real delight to see the abundant harvest at Roundstone. It's an ideal place to visit with children, but you don't have to be 7 years old to get a kick out of riding to the top of the farm in the tractor's passenger trailer, or from digging and pulling carrots out of the ground. The biggest cheer from me came when we found the orchard of Victoria plums - hundreds of trees heavy with large red, gold and dusty pink egg-shaped fruit. I picked as many as I could carry.
Victoria plums
     We returned home with long stems of rhubarb, punnets full of berries, huge beetroot, bags of onions, fat ears of sweetcorn, carrots, cauliflower, red cabbage and beans, and our lungs full of sweet country air.
    We travelled there by train - the nearest station being Goring-by-sea, then it's a 20 minute walk (alas along a busy main road) towards the farm. Leaving Roundstone with a heavy load of delicious produce we caught the (expensive) 700 bus from just outside the farm back to Goring-by-sea station.
Roundstone Farm Pick-your-own