A Festival of Fungi

Festival of Fungi mushroom

My daughter's participation in a Weather Watching course on Saturday took me to RSPB Pulborough Brooks and the Festival of Fungi trail. Searching for mushrooms felt like looking for fairies hidden in the undergrowth. The activity was completely absorbing and I spent an hour finding fungi with names as enchanting and sometimes terrifying as their appearance; Amethyst Deceiver, Green Elf Cap, Collared Earthstar, Yellow Brain, Jelly Ear, Tawny Grisette, The Sickener, Poison Pie, Lilac Bonnet and Hairy Curtain Crust.

Festival of Fungi

It was a clear, fine autumn day for a walk around the hedge-lined paths of the nature reserve - a twitcher's paradise. As well as wild and waterfowl I saw herds of deer, cattle and six still dragonflies.

Ivy Arch at RSPB Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks lies in the Arun valley and unfortunately is not easy to reach by public transport. We travelled there by foot, bus and taxi - an expensive trip but the only way for non-drivers from Worthing to arrive in time for the start of the course. However it was worth the awkward and circuitous journey to spend time in such an outstandingly beautiful place.

Pulborough Brooks