Same Sky - Seven Days in Worthing

Last Thursday, overjoyed at the bright blue morning sky after a gloomy grey week, I took a photo of the celestial view over my back garden. I posted this bright Pantone blue picture on my Facebook page. This small square patch was well 'liked' and seemed to cheer everyone up. I decided to photograph the same spot the following day at the same time of 9:20am. Seven days later an overview of a week's autumnal weather in Worthing emerges. Day 4's sky shows the criss-cross vapour trails left by the biplanes that fly overhead every Sunday from nearby Shoreham Airport.
     Of course I could extend this experiment to photographing the sky every day for a year, but I know there'll be days when I forget to do so. Then there's the 'What to do with all that footage of sky?' conundrum. I still have rolls of film of the view of tower blocks opposite my eleventh floor flat in Poprad, Slovakia in 1997-98 - photos of the same sight taken every day that I lived there, waiting to be turned into a great art installation. That's if I ever get round to turning the Dictaphone cassette tapes of announcements recorded at every Eastern European train station I travelled through that year into a musique concrète radio work for Resonance Fm first. Maybe one day...
    For now then, an ergonomic piece: Same Sky - Seven Days.