Postage stamp art ukulele bags

postage stamp ukulele bags
Inside the green cupboard in my lounge you'll find envelopes and boxes full of postage stamps. I began collecting these in my early twenties - the spoils of entry-level employment which usually involved processing the mail for an entire department (no matter how imaginative the job title). In the decades since I've made collages from them, sewed them into embroideries, set small stamps into resin cubes then put them into a concrete mosaic, covered books and diaries with them and most recently used stamps to embellish my reading glasses case.
     You can imagine how thrilled I was to find Prestigious Textiles have produced a range of furnishing fabric with an outsize British postage stamp print. Wow! I immediately bought a piece of grey/green oilcloth in the design and a vast length of mulberry cotton from which I've been making postage stamp themed ukulele items for my Etsy shop.
     The ukulele appliqué tote bags and gig bag would make First Class gifts for philatelically minded ukulele enthusiasts! Available now.

postage stamp collage diary
My postage stamp collagéd diary, 2003
postage stamp mosaic
Mosaic with postage stamps set in resin cubes, 1995
glasses case covered with Pathé News stamps
Spectacles case with Pathé News stamps, 2011