Pyrotechnic Pier

Worthing Pier Fireworks
Late afternoon rain stopped just 15 minutes before Worthing's Countdown to Christmas fireworks began and it was heart-warming to see hundreds of spectators on the seafront to watch the display.
     We were lucky enough to get a spot on the pier. A great "Oooh!" from the crowd as the first firework launched high up into the sky, splintered into a thousand pieces and fell scattering and twinkling along the wet low tide shore, like incredible chunks of molten gold landing on the beach.
     Worthing's seascape and the art deco architecture of the pier made a perfect setting for the firework display and it was thankfully free of piped music so that the natural sounds of the sea and hiss, crackle and boom of the fireworks could be enjoyed.
Worthing Pier fireworks
Fireworks over Worthing Pier
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