Frothy delights of Bournemouth

Boscombe Pier, Bournemouth
Boscombe Pier
Bournemouth is beautiful in November. We had its vast sandy beaches to ourselves - though it was much too cold for even a paddle in the sea. Giant bubbles of foam washed onto the shore, looking like glistening clouds that had fallen out of sky. They turned into sludge in our hands, the magic evaporating.
     We walked east past dozens of brightly painted beach huts and chanced upon the streamlined elegance of a handsomely renovated Boscombe Pier. No noisy amusement arcades or derelict buildings here, just a magnificent runway out into the sea and calm clear panoramic views. The ice cream kiosk was closed so we bought hot chocolate and headed back to the town centre in search of Bournemouth's hot air balloon.
Postcard from Bournemouth, Dorset
View from Boscombe Pier
Clouds of foam washed ashore on Bournemouth beach