Cute critters from Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes cute felt toys
Of the well-thumbed Mollie Makes magazines on my shelf,  issue number two gets pulled out and poured over most frequently. It's my daughter's favourite and page 86 is the place she returns to time and time again. She has a penchant for cute Japanese graphics – pictures of cupcakes with faces, smiling milk cartons, illustrations of happy popcorn, winking sad clouds and absolutely any kind of kawaii critter. These Mollie Makes Cute Club palm-sized soft felt toys are her ideal creatures and she has spent several months pleading me to make them. With her 8th birthday approaching, I knew what I had to do...
making cute felt animals
Mollie Makes cute felt toyscute felt cat and dog
The templates for these felt toys and their ├╝ber cute accessories can be found on Mollie Makes website. Apparently early editions of the magazine are now changing hands for large sums of money on Ebay, but you can buy pristine copies of back issues from their UK publishers.
Mollie Makes issue 2