Southampton railway mosaic

Southampton railway mosaic

I've spent hours marooned at Southampton Central railway station at the mercy of delayed trains, mismatched timetables and misinformation, but whenever crossing platforms in search of a connection the sight of this colourful tiled mosaic never fails to raise my spirits.
   The mosaic mural made by artist Sue Ridge, stretches the entire length of the pedestrian footbridge and depicts Southampton's connections with sail and rail. It's a splendidly bold piece of public art and brightens what would otherwise be a bleak stopover.

Southampton mosaic footbridge
Southampton station mosaic detail
Mosaic at Southampton station
Mosaic ladder at Southampton station

The back entrance of Southampton Central is also worth a look as it's a recently refurbished example of clean and beautiful art deco architecture. From the ticket hall's oblong skylight to the streamlined sleek curves of the outside of the building it's a lovely sight even on a grey day.

Southampton Central art deco station
Southampton art deco rail station

Leave the station at the front (main) entrance however and you'll find yourself at the foot of the large grey office block that is Overline House. The imposing vision opposite is Wyndham Court - a listed building commissioned by the City Council in the late 1960s. It's an iconic example of brutalist architecture designed by Lyons Israel Ellis and deserves a photo-essay all of its own...

UPDATE: 6th June 2017 South West Trains have plans to remove the lovely mosaic! Please sign this petition to help convince them of its merit.