Eye Couture: Stylish Dress Book - Tunic F

Surrealist eye candy

I can't resist the temptation to badly pun my way through this post, even though this demonstrates a lack of vision and a distinctly lowbrow approach to the medium. If you think my sentences can't get any cornea, read on.

Eye catching fabric from Ikea

Ikea's Vännerna Titta fabric designed by Julia Bernholtz and Helena Svensson could be described as being easy on the eye. It's a nod to Man Ray's Surrealist masterpiece Tears, and a wink to the 1960s pop art of Warhol and Lichtenstein. Ikea (Eye-kea?) only sells this fabric in pre-cut 3 metre lengths and though it's designed as a curtain fabric I thought it was too good to hide away indoors so made a rather eye-catching frock out of it instead.
Stylish Dress Book tunic F

Turning to the Stylish Dress Book for a sewing pattern, dress F "Tunic dress with split sleeves" seemed perfect. I lengthened the hem by 5cms so that it looks more like a futuristic tabard the fabric demands it!

I love the sharp A-line shape it has in this slightly stiff cotton and can't wait to wear the dress out and about, especially if I make it up to London for the Man Ray show at National Portrait Gallery this Easter holiday.