Worthing in Spring: Snow Day

Spring snow in Beach House Gardens

We all knew it was coming. Weather forecasters had warned us for days. That didn't stop hundreds of local radio station fans from getting into their cars and attempting motorway journeys, then getting stuck in the snow all night and phoning in frazzled reports to tell early morning listeners about their ordeal. Even Cheryl Baker from Eurovision super group Bucks Fizz got stuck in her car in the snow (she blamed 'the council') and Toyah Wilcox tweeted that she had spent 14 hours overnight on the M23. It was a bad night for '80s pop stars.
   I was woken at 7am by a cryptic text message from my child's school telling me they would be closed. My daughter didn't believe me when I told her that my school had never closed for snow (only once for asbestos removal). The one day the weather was deemed treacherous we still made it to school but were sent home two hours early. There was no phoning or texting parents, we just set off in small groups (without an adult) and walked ourselves three miles home. It wouldn't be allowed today.

Worthing Snow Day, Spring 2013

After a leisurely breakfast my excited child could be contained no longer and we began our Snow Day in Homefield Park. By 11am the sun had come out and rapidly melted the thinly impacted snow on our sledging slopes so we spent a quality hour having snowball fights instead. More industrious parents built snow men and one a huge Disneyesque snow duck.

Bowling green in the snow: Beach House Gardens

A return home for lunch and hot chocolate, then we set off for the seaside, walking through a lustrous Beach House Gardens. By the time we reached the seafront most of the snow had melted.

Worthng beach March snow