Arctic Egg Roll at Devil's Dyke

Ready to roll at Devil's Dyke

Devil's Dyke valley is the longest, deepest and widest dry valley in the land, which makes it the perfect spot for National Trust's annual Easter Egg Rolling contest. 

The high hills of the Dyke give splendid panoramic views of the South Downs and twinkling seaside city of Brighton beyond – on a fine day this event draws several hundred people. This year however had to be the coldest egg rolling I've ever been to and only the hardiest families turned out. We huddled together attempting to shelter from a bitter wind on the top of the Dyke while waiting for the ceremony to begin. It was more of an endurance test than anything else (especially for the children present) and the three tier contest was eventually cut short as it was just too chilly to sit still any longer. When the adults' turn came to hurl our decorated eggs into the valley the entire crowd rushed down after them in relief, not waiting for the final 8-13 year old's contest! Alas, my child didn't get a chance to roll her lovely decorated egg (above) after all, though I think she too was consoled by the thought that it was all over.

With numb faces and frozen fingers we stumbled back up the hill and crammed into the pub at the top to defrost by an open fire and drink cups of sweet tea. Once thoroughly warmed we caught the 77 bus back down to Brighton and pledged to return to picnic in the great outdoors on a milder day.

Devil's Dyke valley, Easter Monday 2013
Devil's Dyke Easter Egg Rolling
 Painted Easter Eggs