Spring sewing: Easy-sew girls' skirts

My daughter has a lot of home-made elasticated waist skirts in her wardrobe. They're probably the easiest garment to sew, are comfortable to wear, and can be run up in one evening. For these I used a Simplicity sewing pattern bought years ago as a starting point (adding a couple of centimetres to this well-used age 2-6 pattern to fit my growing 8 year old) then cut a contrasting border panel for the hem.

One is made from Put A Stamp On It fabric designed by Suzy Ultman for Robert Kaufmann and trimmed in pink spotted cotton to go with her kimono, the other is cut from Tape Measure print fabric trimmed with Cotton Reels patchwork/quilting material by Makower UK. 

She loves them both and doubtless they'll soon be seen worn with leggings for climbing trees in Homefield park...