The Curtain Coat: Stylish Dress Book 2 - pattern X

Stylish Dress Book 2 - Coat Dress X - Peter Hall Candida

Two weeks into my not buying clothes for a year challenge and Volume 2 of the Japanese home sewing guide Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops is providing a welcome distraction from thoughts of shopping. 

I've had two large Peter Hall 'Candida' screen printed cotton curtains in my collection of vintage fabrics for some time. This ornate material was originally printed in five different colourways (I have the brown and orange versions but am keeping my eyes peeled for the green, blue and red). I've made ukulele gig bags from this fabric already but saved some large pieces intending to make something for myself out of it one day.

Stylish Dress Book's coat dress pattern seemed perfect. I used the orange Candida print fabric for the front and back yoke and cut the body and sleeves from the autumnal brown piece. Something went wrong in my drafting of the sleeve pattern and the first sleeve came up very small. I retraced and recut the piece adding extra width to the sleeve head which I then gathered to fit the arm hole.

Coat dress X details - Stylish Dress Book 2

I love the finished result and can't describe how wonderful it feels to be clothed in this elaborate fabric. In my rich and interesting fantasy life I'd be wearing the coat to the opening of Saloua Raouda Choucair's Tate Modern exhibition as part of Shubbak Festival, but as my hectic schedule routine doesn't allow, instead I'll be wearing it to cycle along Worthing seafront, pop into Morrisons supermarket and then collect my daughter from school. If you see me out and about in this fantastic coat, do wave and say hello!

Peter Hall Candida coat dress