Hotchpotch ukulele tote bags by Ivy Arch

 Hotchpotch appliqué bags

I dithered over what to call these new appliqué tote bags. Each bag is made from a medley of vintage fabrics. Hotchpotch is my favourite word for them but the dictionary also suggested melange (I think not), salmagundi (a new word for me, apparently also the name of a 17th century salad dish), gallimaufry (which I like but sounds as clunky as Gargiulo) and plain old mishmash - a lovely word but doesn't do these gorgeous fabrics justice.

Vintage fabric salmagundi

So hotchpotch it is. These beautiful ukulele tote bags in exquisite vintage fabrics will be making an appearance in my Etsy shop over the next few days, starting with four of them listed today.

Ukulele bags by Ivy Arch in hotchpotch vintage fabrics
Ivy Arch uke bags - the hotchpotch range
Why, it's a positive gallimaufry of gorgeousness!