Worthing Children's Parade 2013

Woolly mammoth at Worthing Children's Parade

Every term-time Thursday afternoon for the past five weeks (and the odd Sunday) has been spent making costumes, props or decorating an enormous woolly mammoth for Whytemead First School's entry to Worthing Children's Parade. The Children's Parade is the most heartwarming of all events in our town's annual social calendar and is a real showcase for the community spirit and creative talents of residents of Worthing.

Traditionally held on what seems to be the windiest Saturday morning every summer (I assume by accident rather than design) the theme for this year's parade was Sussex Through The Ages, with each participating school illustrating a different era. Our school chose the Stone Age - hence the mammoth mascot and sixty-five hand painted caveman costumes.

Worthing Children's Parade costumes for Whytemead First School

We were lucky enough to have a sunny (if blustery) morning and dressing up for the occasion put everyone in high spirits. Canny parents carried sweets or flapjacks to encourage those with the shortest legs to walk the entire length of the seafront, up in to town and back - quite a distance for the youngest - and the cheers, applause and delighted comments of crowds of Saturday shoppers in the town centre gave us all a boost. It's my daughter's last year at Whytemead before moving up to middle school, so a lovely way to mark the end of a wonderful chapter in our lives – though of course we hope to take part again with her new school next year.

Worthing Children's Parade 2013Whytemead First School at Worthing Children's Parade
Worthing Children's Parade along the seafront

Worthing Children's Parade - seafront and Dome