The Good, the Fab and the Snuggly: Stylish Dress Book 2 - Dress D

Stylish Dress Book 2: D

Design D: Box Dress with Boat Neck from Stylish Dress Book 2 is a contender for my favourite Japanese sewing pattern ever. I like it so much I've made three of these dresses (and counting). It's a simple slightly A-line t-shirt shaped tunic with useful front pockets. The underarm seam is curved and the finished garment is roomy and elegant. When I first saw a picture of it on the book's front cover I wanted to squeal with delight. It's rather Cos but you won't have to wait for one of their sales to afford it (or until next May if you've stopped buying clothes).

Box dess D in red Java print cotton

The dress takes a couple of hours to make and here it is in three different fabrics. The red one (above) a 'Super Java Print' Hollandis heavy cotton. I hung onto this material after parting with this ukulele tote bag and had enough for a tunic. The bold geometric yellow/blue print (below) is a wax print fine cotton from Worthing's Wednesday market. It's printed slightly off-register and so was reduced to £2 a metre. Intended as a beach cover-up, the finished frock is so spectacular I'll wear it everywhere.

Stylish Dress Book 2 : Box Dress

The final blue longer-sleeved fleece version I made to wear when camping. I lengthened the sleeves and cut the neckline higher to keep me warm on a cool summer's evening. It's soft and snuggly and reminds me of a Cornish fisherman's smock.

Customised version of D, Stylish Dress Book 2