Worthing's William Blake Mini Protest Banner

William Blake mini fashion protest banner

This afternoon I committed a small act of craftivism. I embroidered and hung a #minifashionprotest banner in Worthing town centre as part of Craftivist Collective's project for War On Want's Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops campaign. 
The Collective has asked people to stitch small banners with messages related to the exploitation of sweatshop workers in Bangladesh and hang them in a location that links to their embroidered message. Regular readers will know that I decided to stop buying clothes following the Rana Plaza clothing factory disaster, so taking part in Craftivist Collective's initiative was something I was keen to do and has strengthened my resolve to say 'no' to fast fashion. 
This week BBC Panorama's investigation into the working lives of factory workers in Bangladesh provided further food for thought and inspired me to make my mini banner in response to the allegations the programme broadcast concerning my mum's favourite clothes shop. A William Blake quote seemed apt. 
Craftivism in Worthing!

Here is my banner in situ! I hung it in the middle of a bench as Worthing has an abundance of poignant memorial plaques on its benches all the way along the seafront. 
Mini Fashion Protest Banner, Worthing

I like the idea that someone may sit on this bench and contemplate the meaning of my embroidered message.
Memorial bench plaque for the Bangladeshi clothing factory workers