A plaid habit: Stylish Dress Book 1 - Dress E

Stylish Dress Book: dress E

The most frequently made garment from the first Stylish Dress Book has to be the one on the front cover – Dress E. A web image search shows dozens of home sewn versions of this lovely simple smock frock. My favourite is this one by Mariane de Bougre d'Ane. She has lengthened the sleeves, lined the body with an old quilt and sewed a lace trim around the bottom to stunning folkish effect.

Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom
Inspired to have a go at Dress E myself I thought I'd make a winter version using a piece of plaid suit fabric bought for £4 a metre at Worthing's Wednesday market. I made the sleeves longer to 3/4 length and embellished it with a few different pieces of mix and match brocade trim left over from other sewing projects.

Stylish Dress Book: E - plaid tunic dress

I didn't realise until I tried on the finished dress that the fabric has exactly the same colours as my greying brown hair. Sadly it was the end of the roll, otherwise I'd go and get some more and make an entire hair-coloured outfit!

Plaid smock: Stylish Dress Book 1, E