A new ambassador for Gudrun Sjödén

Meet ambassador Ivy Arch!
I first saw Gudrun Sjödén's clothing in an advertisement in The Guardian some 10 or 11 years ago. The picture showed a handsome woman cutting an elegant silhouette wearing a printed button-front tunic over long layered skirts. The colours were autumnal; greens, ochre and grey-blues, and the print looked like scattered autumn leaves. It was love at first sight. I sent off a postcard requesting a catalogue (these were the days before home broadband internet connections) and my relationship with the Gudrun Sjödén brand began.

    The clothes looked beautiful with their rich fabrics and bold prints – exactly what I ideally wanted to wear but thought out of reach for me at the time. However, I loved studying the styling in the catalogue's sublime photographs which showed me Gudrun's colourful world. I didn't buy anything for a year or so, continuing to be locked into fast fashion purchasing and not quite adjusted to the idea of sustainable, lasting fashion. When I could resist no longer my first purchase was in one of their winter sales – a soft quilted printed cotton grey jacket (it remains a favourite today and still gets compliments every time I wear it). I was hooked on the quality and craftsmanship and from then on have afforded myself one judicious new Gudrun Sjödén garment a year, supplemented by some great Gudrun Ebay finds. Her clothes are well made and designed to be washed and worn – good quality lasts.

Celebrating 10 years of wearing Gudrun Sjodén's designs!
Celebrating 10 years of wearing Gudrun Sjodén's designs!

My appreciation for all things Gudrun Sjödén continues to grow. I visited her store in Malmö, Sweden (a heavenly experience) and eagerly welcomed the arrival of her first UK boutique, joining fans from all over the country in travelling to London for the store opening last year. I was over the moon to win the “Most Colourful Woman in London” competition.

And now I'm giddy with excitement to have been invited to join Gudrun's band of brand ambassadors – women all over the globe who in their own way represent the brand at a grassroots level. It's a huge compliment to be asked and I'm only too happy to continue talking, writing about, wearing her clothes, using her fabrics and generally cheerleading for the company. Pretty much business as usual then at Ivy Arch, but with an added colourful spring in my step! 

The Ambassador's reception

To explore Gudrun Sjödén's green world visit www.gudrunsjoden.com