The Two Hour Dress: Gather One-Piece

Gather one-piece: Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing

This dress took me two hours to make from start to finish, including fathoming out the Japanese instructions in Yoshiko Tsukiori's Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing book and drafting the sewing pattern from scratch.

Yoshiko Tsukiori's Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing

I'd made a similar Gather One-Piece dress before so knew what to do. The pattern is essentially two rectangle shapes and the trickiest part was drawing a pleasing curve for the neckline – and that's as hard as it got. The sewing diagram is so easy to follow (even in Japanese) with just five simple steps.

Gather one-piece

I used 2.5 meters of red poly-jersey bought from Worthing's Wednesday market – synthetic stuff but feels soft and silky and it's printed with thousands of tiny stars. I lined the bodice in the same fabric as I thought it would give a smoother neckline and sleeve edge than binding such a stretchy material, this probably took less time than making bias binding too.

Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing: Gather one-piece

This must be the quickest garment I've made since running up skirts out of tie-dye bed sheets as a teenager! It's the perfect dress-make to appease a fast fashion habit but without sweatshop production values.

Easy Gather One-piece