New Ivy Arch telephone and typewriter lavender bags

Ruby Star phone lavender bags by Ivy Arch

The run up to Christmas is the busiest time of my lavender bag producing year and the soothing sweet scent of this herb permeates my house. 
   According to folklore lavender is a favourite scent of the elves, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Elf Leaf. Some incredible properties have been attributed to it including the power to ward off depression (by simply gazing at the plant) and the ability to maintain peacefulness at home (by scattering lavender flowers around the house). It was also recommended to smell the plant as often as possible to guarantee a long life.
   While I can't promise that my lavender bags have magic properties they do smell great and make ideal Christmas gifts. I've added two new lines to my Etsy shop today, new telephones and typewriter lavender bags in Melody Miller's Ruby Star fabrics for Kokka, Japan.

Ruby Star telephone and typewriter lavender bags by Ivy Arch

If only this was smell-o-vision I could share the gorgeous scent with you on this blog too! Go here for a closer look and to buy.