Cobbler Controversy: Straight Stitch Apron Dress Book

Yoshiko Tsukiori Straight Stitch Apron Dress

For some time I've been searching for the perfect apron dress sewing pattern, so when I saw that fellow Etsyan Pomadour24 was selling copies of a Yoshiko Tsukiori sewing book full of apron dresses the fact that it's only available in Japanese didn't put me off. 

Straight Stitch Apron Dresses by Yoshiko Tsukiori

The book includes 28 designs to sew. There are bib aprons, pinafores dresses, cobbler aprons and tabards, some bungalow aprons (these have sleeves cut in one piece with the body of the dress, a bit like a t-shirt). There's even a design for a loose cropped 'smock' blouse. 

Jumper Skirt Apron dress

I would wear every garment in this book but the standout design was No. 5: Jumper Skirt Apron. That's 'jumper' as in the American word for pinafore not a sweater dress (Wikipedia explain all here). However, I'd describe this dress as a cobbler because it fastens with ties – I challenge you to correct me!

Apron dress pattern No. 5

The book has no actual sewing patterns enclosed, you have to draft up your own pattern from diagrams, just like in Tsukiori's Easy Cute Straight Stitch Sewing. It's so liberating to work in this way and the diagrams are super easy to follow with numbers indicating which seam to sew next. 

Tie at the front or back?

As it was my first attempt with this sewing pattern I used a budget black and white checked material bought for a song from the fabric stall at Worthing market. It's very light and drapey so this is definitely going to be a summer apron dress. 

Yoshiko Tsukiori: Straight Stitch Apron Dress No. 5

I really love the rectangular shape of the garment and the way it drapes when tied – it feels like wearing origami. I've bought some heavier weight fabric to make another one of these, though I also have designs on No. 24: Wrapping One-Piece Dress...