Fashion Revolution Day: Gudrun Sjödén worn #insideout

Gudrun Sjödén worn inside out for Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day asks us to consider the labour behind the label and I'm showing my support for ethical fashion today by wearing and showing you what Gudrun Sjödén's beautiful clothes look like worn inside out.

Gudrun Sjoden dress - inside out!
Beautiful on the inside: Gudrun Sjödén dress #insideout

As a consumer it's important to know your brand and take responsibility for where and how the clothes you are wearing have been made. This is why I feel 'safe' wearing Gudrun Sjödén clothing.
     As well as producing clothes along their own rigorous guidelines to ensure they are both sustainable and functional, it is good to know that since 2001 Gudrun Sjödén have had a strict Code of Conduct with their suppliers requiring them to fulfil criteria set out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation's rights at work conventions. This covers everything from a demand for fair wages, reasonable working hours and environmental safety for workers, to a ban on discrimination, punishments and child labour. The brand is keen to develop long term relationships with its suppliers and 80% of Gudrun Sjödén's current suppliers have worked with them for over a decade.

Gudrun Sjödén kimono - worn #insideout
Gudrun Sjödén jacket #insideout
Gudrun Sjödén kimono jacket - the embroidery and quilting looks exquisite on the inside too

I'm proud to wear Gudrun Sjödén's clothes and be an ambassador for the brand. Her well made garments last for years. I wear at least one Gudrun Sjödén garment every day, for work, to run about with my daughter in the park and at the seafront, while gardening and while cycling along the beach. They have survived stress, spillages and repeated washing! Gudrun encourages her customers to shop for garments sparingly, choose carefully and dress in an environmentally friendly way and it's reassuring to know that her clothes have been produced with accountability and concern for the people who made them. 

Gudrun Sjödén's clothes worn #insideout

Read more about Gudrun's environmental policies here. Fashion Revolution Day continues with events all day today, asking "Who Made Your Clothes?

Gudrun Sjödén - right side out!
Gudrun Sjödén worn right side out!