Take Two Ticket to Ride Dresses: Simplicity 2363

Simplicity 2363 dress made by Ivy Arch

Brighton's budget fabric emporium Fabric Land has come up trumps again with Ticket to Ride another great in-house print design. I recommend a visit to one of their shops (they have several branches across the UK) as their astonishingly bad website doesn't do justice to their own brand fabrics. Ticket to Ride is a printed collage of vintage tickets, labels and coupons. It's a sturdy cotton with a linen-like feel and is available in 3 colourways. At just £3.99 a metre I thought it prudent to get 2.5 metres in Royal and the same amount in Yellow.

Ticket to Ride by Fabric Land

It's the same type of cotton I used for the Berlin Macaroon Dress - a garment that is greeted with gasps of delight every time I wear it out and about. I decided to make the Simplicity 2363 pattern again as it works so well in this material but this time drafted a new closed-front yoke for a change. For the first version I used the darker (Royal) fabric for the body and sleeves with the paler (Yellow) fabric for the yoke. 

Simplicity 2363 with closed front yoke

I was so taken with it that I immediately made another with the fabric combination in reverse. 

Ticket to Ride print Simplicity 2363

Each dress cost £9.98 to make. Good enough for everyday Worthing wear but also fabulous enough to wear to the Grand Futurist Concert of Noises and just the thing to wear when trying out Peter McKerrow's hand built intonarumori.

With intonarumori at Grand Futurist Concert of Noises, London Science Museum
Photo and intonarumori by Peter McKerrow, dress by Ivy Arch