Stylish Dress Book Revisited: Seaside Smock B

Stylish Dress Book: Smock B by Ivy Arch

It's some 16 months since I discovered Stylish Dress Book the title that set me off on what has become a dressmaking odyssey. I've recommended the book to friends and acquaintances many times since and it's a title I always suggest starting with if you'd like to make timeless Japanese style clothes that are contemporary and comfortable. I've made 10 dresses from it so far. Showing it to a friend whose teenage daughter has just started sewing her own clothes I once again felt inspired to sew from this fabulous book.

Stylish Dress Book

This seaside print cotton fabric has been in my stash for a year and I could neglect it no longer so decided to revisit pattern B (a design for a blouse with elasticated cuffs) and make myself another smock lengthened to a dress. This time I redrafted the Garibaldi sleeves, as in the first version I made I accidentally omitted an instruction in drafting the bottom section of the sleeves so my arms lacked the right amount of puff...

Smock B details

Adjustments made to the sleeve pattern, it was an even easier sew the second time round and the finished smock is perfect for this continued hot weather – the fabric just right for being beside the seaside. 

Stylish Dress Book, seaside smock B