Teville Gate in the Summertime

Teville Gate, Worthing in bloom

Teville Gate is one of the great mysteries of Worthing. A vast derelict space right in the centre of town, it's the first sight you see when arriving from Worthing's central train station. No one can fathom why this huge prime piece of real estate full of potential has remained empty for so long. Our Conservative council still seem to favour it being turned into some sort of money-spinning entertainment multiplex experience, though one of these proposed schemes fell through and the current firm appointed by them have failed to raise the £150 million capital needed to fund the colossal twin-tower design hotel, conference centre, 9 screen multiplex cinema, 86,000 square foot supermarket and parking space for 967 cars that the council would dearly love to see. Perhaps just as well, it sounds ghastly!

Teville Gate in the summertime - boarded up and weeds growing high

I think it's a shame this site wasn't considered for the new secondary school our town needs. The as yet un-named Secondary Academy is currently being built in Broadwater, an area already congested with traffic to the north of Worthing, some 20 minutes walk from the railway station. A central Worthing location for the new secondary school would have much better suited the needs of more members of the community, bringing life and learning into a massive empty, neglected space; and it would be an environmentally friendly initiative, being a location much better served by public transport. The council could have looked into funding an educational centre of excellence right in the centre of town instead of building another entertainment and shopping complex with enormous car park. We already have two large supermarkets with car parks within walking distance of Teville Gate, four cinema screens and plenty more empty car parks in the town centre. Enough already!

Perfect site for Worthing's new Secondary Academy

However, the current sponsors have just pulled out of the Secondary Academy with concerns about the Broadwater site being unsuitable so at this rate we'll be lucky if the new school gets built at all, let alone by 2015. Meantime, nature is making moves to reclaim Teville Gate herself. In another year or so it'll be ready to enter Worthing In Bloom.

Teville Gate, Worthing
Feet and weeds