High Low Blouse: Burda 7220 - Version A

Burda Style 7220: blouse A

This is the first garment I've made in recent months that when worn has elicited the response "Where did you buy it?" instead of asking if I've made it myself.  I don't mind at all if people can tell my clothes are homemade, on the contrary I'm a happy ambassador for home-grown fashion but must admit this blouse is a tad more sophisticated and muted than my usual handmade creations and I am rather tickled that it passes as 'shop bought'!

The sewing pattern Burda Style 7220 contains two different blouses (A and B), both reminiscent of Issey Miyake's futuristic chic office wear of the late 1980s. The fabric is Sea Island Cotton by Peter Horton Textiles. It has a lovely dense weave and is smooth to the touch, crisp to cut, and wears and washes well too.

Burda 7220 and Peter Horton Textiles Sea Island Cotton

I decided to make version A first, a collarless short sleeve blouse with high-low hem and centre front gathers.  I drafted a longer sleeve to finish just above my wrist as I thought the above-elbow sleeve would be unflattering. Burda's sewing pattern instructions were quite baffling to follow but as soon as I discarded them and just followed the diagrams instead it was an easy shirt to make.

Burda 7220 version A: High Low Blouse details

The back of the shirt is dramatically long and will probably peep out from below most of my coats, but at this time of year when it's still warm enough not to wear a coat or jacket, I'm really enjoying wearing this style. In fact it's one of my current favourite things to wear and I'll definitely make another of version of A, just as soon as I've finished and blogged version B...

The finished item: Blouse A, Burda 7220