The tide is turning in Worthing: Tide of Light Festival 2014

Fireworks over Worthing Pier, Tide of Light 2014

In a week when Worthing was outed by The Guardian as one of the most unaffordable places to buy a home in the UK I am loathe to continue publishing photos showing how lovely our seaside town is lest it encourages more wealthy people to buy up property here, further inflating house prices and the cost of living, while for many of the town's residents (myself included) home ownership remains out of reach.

However, it would be churlish not to celebrate the wonderful community events that take place in Worthing and the Tide of Light bonfire night celebration is another example of the town's great civic spirit.

Tide of Light festival of fireworks, Worthing

Tide of Light is a crowdfunded event organised by Worthing Lions Club and local events team Bartie Presents. Tonight there were lantern making workshops and a colourful children's parade; a packed to the gills night-time street market; local bands playing music; a funfair stretching all along the central seafront parade; and the absolute highlight – a festival of fireworks over Worthing Pier.

Bonfire Night fireworks, Worthing

The huge turn out for this spectacular event was well deserved by the organisers and I dearly hope that whatever the future has in store for Worthing it never loses its great big community heart.
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