Falling for Gudrun Sjödén's Autumn Collection

Ghita dress in cotton by Gudrun Sjödén

The buzz on Instagram is that Gudrun Sjödén's Autumn 2015 collection is her best yet. While I don't disagree, it's fair to say that every new Gudrun Sjödén collection is met with great excitement and wonder by her fans, with season after season of ethically produced clothes in unexpectedly lovely prints and textures.

Gudrun Sjödén's basic collection Autumn 2015
From Gudrun Sjödén's Basic collection: 
Sigrid linen/cotton tunic, Britt modal slip, Barbro leggings and Britt socks

Gudrun's Autumn catalogue comes in two parts. The first takes inspiration from five Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland with five separately themed collections inspired by the wild natural landscape and rich culture of each of these lands. The second part – an autumn extra capsule collection – is inspired by the primeval forest, abundant with toadstools, mushrooms, branches, moss, lichens and fir needles.

Ditte print dress and top with Vilse trousers by Gudrun Sjödén
'Ditte' is my favourite print from Gudrun's autumn collection, seen here as a dress and top. The trousers shown are both Vilse print and have a contrasting turn up cuff.

The beauty of Gudrun's designs is that year after year she returns to complimentary colour themes and styles so that clothes from any year can be worn and matched with items from previous collections. It's a creative and sustainable approach to fashion design leaving much room (no fungi pun intended) for individuality and heaps of personal taste for the wearer.

Colours and textures of Gudrun Sjödén's Autumn collection
Colourful details of Gudrun Sjödén's Autumn collection
Cotton Ghita dress by Gudrun Sjoden in Madder Red
Comfy cotton Ghita dress by Gudrun Sjoden

I hope you'll enjoy the pieces I've picked here! All garments shown are available now from Gudrun Sjödén's website.

Postcard from Berlin

Ivy Arch's Berlin feet

As I set the alarm for the start of a new school term, I'll take a few minutes to mull over my summer holiday photos from Berlin. In four short days we explored the city on foot, from the top of a tourist sightseeing bus and by underground train. These pictures represent only the briefest snapshot of this endlessly fascinating city.

Berliner Fernsehturm
Green Berlin
Berlin textures
Berlin textures 2
Holocaust Memorial, Berlin
Four days in Berlin, summer 2015