Marcy Tilton Hotchpotch Reprise: Vogue 8813

Marcy Tilton V8813 made by Ivy Arch

Some sewing patterns are worth repeating without delay and this is the second Marcy Tilton Vogue 8813 dress I have made this month. 

French House Dress in Indian cotton: V8813 made by Ivy Arch

The fabric is a light weight fine Indian cotton with hand printed patterns. It's actually three different printed fabrics which I pieced together to make a hotchpotch version of the dress. The frock is much more billowy and floaty in this fabric than my first Marcy Tilton French house dress and the hand printed patterns have imperfections which I think just make it even more special. 

Hotchpotch house dress details: V8813

The colours in these fabrics I realise are similar to the previous dress I made, and both dresses are in the colours of a piece of artwork I made in May, which is now exhibited as part of Creative Waves Art On The Pier exhibition on Worthing Pier. It seems I can't get these shades of mustard and ochre out of my head, nor out of my wardrobe.

Artwork by Daniela Gargiulo on Worthing Pier

Art on The Pier exhibition, Worthing 2015

Art on The Pier the great outdoors art exhibition is on display on Worthing's art deco pier now and until April 2016.

Ivy Arch #footselfie

Avant-garde House Dress: Marcy Tilton Vogue 8813

Avant-garde house dress: Marcy Tilton Vogue 8813

Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8813 sewing pattern is her take on a vintage French house dress but I'd say it owes more to the Japanese avant-garde designs of Issey Miyake and this is why I love it. 

Vogue 8813 in linen/viscose mix fabric, made by Ivy Arch

The sheared neckline and neat collar gives this voluminous garment structured points of interest and perfectly pulls Tilton's design together. My chosen fabric is a medium weight linen/viscose mix with a 1950s inspired block pattern in shades of grey and gold. The fabric has a heavy drape which accentuates the huge pockets in this dress, but it also has a soft and crumply woven texture which gives the frock fluidity and makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

Shirred centre front panel: Marcy Tilton's V8813
Nicely turned collar!

This is an easy-to-follow sewing pattern and a relatively quick sew. I followed the instructions to the letter with the exception of shirring the centre front panel before attaching it to the side fronts. For invaluable advice on shirring technique see Tilton's own instructive Youtube video.  

The dress has two huge pockets, each finished with a vintage big teal button.
Neat neckline: back view
Front and side view: V8813

The finished dress is both elegant and easy to wear. I have fabric ready to make a second!


Gudrun's Friends' Diary

Tea at Widewater Lagoon

I was invited to document my week in photographs for a new feature on Gudrun Sjödén's website, Gudrun's Friends Diary. I regularly photograph my world for Instagram so jumped at the chance to be involved in this project. However I must admit that my photo-diary week saw me paying extra attention to what I was wearing every day, and in a routine where many hours at the computer or sewing machine are my reality I was eager to capture the more sociable and varied aspects of my week.

Thursday morning's Meet & Make at Coast, Worthing

The biggest thrill is seeing it all published online and translated into many languages for Gudrun's international sites.

A week in the life: Gudrun's Friends' Diary

My photo diary forms part of a series which started with author and graphic designer Maren El Gammal and I look forward to seeing the diaries of Gudrun's friends in the weeks and months to come!
Rainy Monday walk through the park

You can read my photo diary in Swedish here.