Floral Circle Grainline Farrow

Grainline Farrow dress by Ivy Arch in Sevenberry Floral Circle

Since sewing my first Grainline Farrow dress I have made three more, two in novelty print cotton fabrics (glimpse them here and here) and this one in Sevenberry's Floral Circles - my favourite so far.

Sevenberry Floral Circle Canvas Cotton

The material is a lightweight canvas cotton and I have found it hardly creases, even after being worn all day at work. Any minor crinkling drops out if I hang it up over night, ready for another day's wear. It looks smart and is a statement of cheerful intent.
Grainline Farrow dress by Ivy Arch

I bought the fabric at Worthing's More Sewing who currently have a super range of bright and interesting dressmaking materials, so many Farrow dress possibilities...

Ivy Arch: Farrow in the wild